New £10 Note Design Revealed

Able Engraving and Design eagerly awaits the new look £10 note, due for public release in September 2017

Jane Austen (coloured version), now on the new £10 note.

Jane Austen: famous author and the face of our new £10 notes.

Have you got used to the new fivers yet? We seem to have got over the plasticky feel, or the craze of selling some specimens on eBay due to some inconsistencies. From September 2017, this will be joined by a new wave of similarly plasticky £10 notes. The new £10 note design was revealed in a press conference on the 18 July at Winchester Cathedral, by the Bank of England’s Chief Governor, Mark Carney.

In place of Charles Darwin on the new notes, Jane Austen will be seen. Some early specimens had Jane Austen in a happier pose than the more ‘usual’ sour faced pose. A move which has appalled historians. Some sources have stated how early specimens of the new tenner were similar to the new £5 notes. There will be a new tactile feature, to help visually impaired people. Winchester Cathedral was chosen for its launch as it was Jane Austen’s final resting place. The new note was revealed live on the Bank of England’s YouTube channel.

In previous years, Jane Austen has been a source of inspiration for stamps as well as television adaptations for her novels. Postage stamps have had illustrations of characters from her literary works. The Royal Mail issued a set of stamps in 1975. There had been plans for a new look £10 note since 2013.

The present £10 note, featuring Charles Darwin, will be taken out of circulation at the end of 2018. No date has been confirmed as yet. If you’ve still got some old pound coins knocking about, you have until the 15 October to get them spent. After that, they should be handed into your local bank.

Able Engraving and Design, 18 July 2017.