Laser engraving head

In Video: Laser Engraving Clips

Sit back, relax, and watch our carefully curated selection of laser engraving clips

One of the great joys of laser engraving is its use in detailed work. A few minutes with a laser beam can be used to trace a photograph onto any material. The results are pleasing with the laser engraving as clear as the original image.

We at Able Engraving have harped on about the joys of engraving techniques in written form. Sometimes, a written passage, supported with appropriate imagery, doesn’t do justice. This has inspired us to choose a selection of video clips. For this compilation of YouTube clip, we are looking at laser engraving techniques.

Laser Engraving Techniques for Putting Photos onto Wood

In this clip by Make Stuff Now!, we look at how laser engraving is used to transfer a digital image onto a piece of wood. The presenter of this clip uses two open source software packages (The GIMP and Inkscape) for editing prior to etching.

How to Engrave Laserable Plastics (Trolase)

In this 44 minute long clip hosted by Mike Clarke, we see how laser engraving is applied to plastic. Seen behind the presenter is Trotec’s engraving machines that are used to produce the engravings. CorelDraw is used for the graphic design end of this process.

Laser cutting 6mm poplar with k40 laser

In M. Shane Snook’s clip, we see how laser engraving works on poplar wood. Taking centre stage in this clip is a K40 laser cutter which produces a fine line on the ‘Love’ text. As seen here, it gives off smoke from the wood, caused by the laser beam.

Able Engraving and Design, 22 March 2017.