Engraved Memorial Plaques

memorial plaques

People use engraved memorial plaques for a variety of reasons. It can be to commemorate an event, happy or sad. Sometimes it can be so we don’t forget sacrifices such as someone who gave their life to save others, or to commemorate something more upbeat that should be remembered such as a jubilee celebration. They can be to dedicate something, such as a building, hospital wing, library or even a bench to someone that is no longer with us, to to state who opened the building and when. They are also used to permanently signpost a place of historical significance.

Engraving plaques makes them long lasting and gives them a classy finish. At Able Engraving, and any other quality engraving company, you can use engrave any material you want to make a unique memorial plaque designed especially for want you want. The majority are made from metals, such as brass, aluminium, stainless steel or even bronze, but if you want something with colour you can also use acrylic laminate.

There are a number of engraving methods that can be used, from the more traditional manual methods to the up to date, state of the art laser engraving, managed by computers. The method used is dictated by the finish you want and the amount of detail required. For more complex and elaborate engraving designs, maybe that incorporate pictures or coat of arms, using a computer and laser is a more time effective and accurate method to ensure the fine detail. If you want a more rustic finish you can use hand engraving. It can also be coloured for a more distinctive finish.