Service Areas

Able Engraving & Design provides a wide range of engraved signs and plaques. We focus on the South of England, serving the counties of Kent and Surrey, along with the City of London.

All of our work is done to the highest standards, using computer aided design and manufacturing processes to make the work much more precise, so your engraved signs will always look their best. You can choose from a range of different materials, for example, Aluminium, Bronze and Traffolyte. Bronze signs typically look great on a wooden backplate, which we can also provide and attach for you.

Fully custom engraving

We can produce a number of different designs. Some designs may require some supporting artwork, to give us an idea as to how the design should look. This will also help us to determine whether etching or engraving is the best method to use. Bear in mind that we don’t need a full piece of artwork for a simple sign – it’s the more complex designs that require it. We can provide advice on what we need, and if necessary we can easily have some made, however this will affect price.

Whether you want a small metal nameplate for your office door, or a large monument, we can help out. Take a look at the range of examples we have done, in particular the Mount Everest Memorial we were commissioned to produce. Our signs are appropriate for a range of different applications. Typical uses for our signs are for nameplates, commemorative signage, and industrial signage and rating plates.

Able Engraving specialise in a wide range of engraving services working with many clients in and around London, Surrey and Sussex. These are some examples of areas where our clients can be found:




East Grinstead








The team at Able Engraving are proud of the works they complete, and are willing to help advise you on your needs. If you have any queries, or would like to have something engraved, get in touch with us, we will endeavour to help you out. For any enquiries regarding our engraving services and products, please contact our specialist engravers team on 01342 843211 or send us an email enquiry to