How To Mount Plaques & Nameplates

If you have chosen Able Engraving and Design Ltd. for your engraved brass plaques or nameplates, you can be sure that you have selected a quality, durable, and attractive piece.

engraved brass plaquesHowever, now that your chosen plaque or nameplate is ready to use, you need to know how to mount it in order to display it optimally. Here are some tips about how to do so.

Choosing a type of fixing

The way you choose to mount your plaque or nameplate will depend on the type of surface you wish to fix it to, and how you want it to be displayed. Whether it is a memorial plaque, a sign or notice, an informational plaque, or an award, you will want to display it in a secure and sightly manner.

Screw fixings

If you opt for this type of fixing, the main thing to consider is the length of screw you will require, which depends on the depth of your plaque or nameplate. If you need guidance for this, you may ask one of our staff or else where you purchase your screws.

You should choose the location where you want the plaque or nameplate to be mounted, and hold it in place. Using a pencil, mark the fixing positions. Remove the plaque or nameplate, and drill ‘pilot holes’ over the markings, which will guide the drill and make it easier to drill in the screws.

Finally, place the plaque or nameplate back in the desired position, place the screws in the holes, and drill to the surface.

Self-adhesive fixings

This is most appropriate for flat and smooth surfaces. A high grade, durable adhesive tape or glue can be used to mount your plaque or nameplate. Before beginning, you must ensure that the surface is properly cleaned, and free from dust, oil, or other residue.

As with screw fixings, you will need to hold your plaque or nameplate in the desired position and mark it. However, since it is important not to get dirt on the surface area, it may be preferable to use something such as a piece of paper cut to size, instead of a pencil.

Then, put the adhesive tape or glue in the correct position. If using tape, you will need to remove the covering paper. Then press the plaque or nameplate firmly and carefully on to the adhesive area.

If you have any further questions about how to mount your Able Engraving and Design Ltd. engraved brass plaques or nameplates, do not hesitate to contact us.