Engraved Laminate Signs

Engraved Traffolyte

Able Engraving and Design manufacture different types of engraved labels that can be used in a variety of applications and industrial settings including: electrical installation, gas installation, industrial shop floors and plant rooms, or anywhere that labels are required to identify machine parts and / or equipment in a tough environment where labels constructed of weaker materials would soon suffer damage due to exposure to chemicals, wear and tear or regular impacts. Able Engraving also supply rating and Instruction plates for machinery and can fulfil special one-off short orders or manufacture any type of label in bulk quantities. We also manufacture valve discs (also known as valve tags or valve labels) that are commonly used in plumbing and gas installations such as air conditioning installations and boiler rooms.

Make Use of our Skilled Team of Label Engravers

Our engraved labels can be manufactured from a variety of materials including; Anodised Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Polished Brass, High-pressure rigid laminate commonly known as Traffolyte and flexible laminates. The technique of engraving the text, image or design into the surface of these materials ensures that no part of the image lies on the surface where it can be damaged by abrasion. Aluminium, Stainless Steel, and Brass labels are engraved to a suitable depth and in-filled with durable enamel paint that is available in a large range of colours. The same technique and materials can be used in the manufacture of large and small control panels and distribution labeling, many examples of which can be found on our website. No design is too complicated for our state-of-the-art equipment and highly skilled team of engravers.

The majority of our engraved labels, valve discs, control panels and distribution labeling are manufactured using a high-pressure rigid laminate (Traffolyte). This material usually consists of two or three layers of contrasting colours. The top surface layer is cut away by the engraving machine exposing the contrasting colour of the layer below. This technique and material does not require any colour infill and therefore provides additional protection from chemical damage.

Engraved labels can be supplied with pre-drilled fixing holes or super strong self-adhesive backing. Our valve discs can be supplied with pre-drilled holes for fixing and we can also supply ball chain for suspending the discs. Our experienced staff will offer helpful and friendly advice on different fixing methods, components, and materials. As with all our engraved products we guarantee to our customers that they will receive the highest quality engraved Traffolyte labels and a fast efficient turn-around of any orders they place with us.