Memorial Plaques

memorial plaques

At Able Engraving and Design, we produce the finest quality engraved memorial plaques suitable for graves, memorial benches, trees, gardens, woodland settings and war memorials. Our memorial plaques can be made from engraved bronze, brass, aluminium, traffolyte (acrylic laminate) and stainless steel. We can also supply beautiful hardwood backing boards for the memorial plaques to be mounted on which can increase the strength and compliment the quality of the design.

Our customers can have control over the design of the plaque by selecting from our wide range of traditional and ornamental fonts ensuring that all tastes are catered for including beautiful and tasteful classic designs.

Commemorative Plaques

commemorative plaques

Commemorate a special event, an important or historical place, a historical person or a loved one with a stylish commemorative plaque made by our highly skilled engravers.

The erection of commemorative plaques on buildings of historical importance has been traditional in many different countries around the world. Events such as the opening of a new or renovated building would not be complete without a suitable commemorative plaque being proudly revealed at an unveiling ceremony.

Like our memorial plaques, our commemorative plaques can be made from brass, bronze, stainless steel, aluminium or acrylic laminate. Customers can choose a material that suits their purpose best and can select from a range of stylish fonts. Our skilled engravers can incorporate detailed designs such as a coat of arms (artwork may be required). We can advise you on choosing a material that will suite your purposes best and guarantee the highest quality of finish.

Engraved Plaques

plaques copy

Both engraved and commemorative plaques are more than likely to be exposed to outdoor conditions; therefore, it is essential that the lettering and any other part of your design are as durable as possible. An engraved plaque is the ideal solution for any project requiring a memorial or commemorative plaque. The design is actually cut into the surface of the material so that it cannot wear off or peel away. The design can be coloured by applying an extremely hard wearing paint infill into the engraved (cut away) part of the image.

Our team of experienced and highly skilled engravers can advise you on the most suitable materials for your intended location of your engraved plaque and provide you with aftercare information so that your engraved plaques stay looking good for longer.

For helpful and friendly advice on any of our engraving London Services or products please call 01342 843211.