5 Facts About Traffolyte

5 Facts About TraffolyteTraffolyte is a type of plastic material often employed when engraving labels and tags. Not only is it lightweight and durable, but this material was first utilised as far back as 1927. In order to fully appreciate its unique advantages, it is a good idea to take a quick look at five lesser-known facts.

1. Traffolyte is Formed Under High Pressures

One of the reasons why this material is so durable involves how it is manufactured. Traffolyte is formed by pressing sheets of acrylic laminate together under very high heat and pressure. The end result is a strong substance which can be precisely engraved.

2. A Multitude of Colours

Traffolyte labels¬†are said to resemble “sandwiches” due to the fact that they are comprised of multiple layers. Many of the internal slices are coloured. Thus, a different hue will be seen once the top section has been engraved.

3. Safe to Use Within Hazardous Locations

These labels are often seen within environments that would prove to be hazardous for other substances. Traffolyte is a non-conductive substance, so it can be utilised within electrical substations and similar mains feeds. Once again, the inherent colours may be used to denote specific information or to provide warnings.

4. A Descendant of Bakelite

Bakelite was a material widely used during the first half of the 20th century. While technically known as a “phenolic plastic”, the main issue with Bakelite was that it was notoriously brittle. Therefore, techniques such as engraving were extremely challenging. Traffolyte is formed by similar processes and yet, it is much more resilient and malleable. It therefore represents an engraver’s dream.

5. It is Possible to Choose Layers of Different Colours

Thanks to advanced manufacturing processes, it is now possible for customers to choose which colours they want to emerge after the engraving has been completed. For example, red is often used as a warning signal while blue or green can be employed to provide the reader with important information.

Although most consumers are unaware of the existence of Traffolyte, its benefits cannot be overstated. As it is also quite inexpensive to produce, it offers cost-saving advantages to those who might be on a budget. Anyone who wishes to learn more about the line of Traffolyte products offered by Able Engraving & Design is encouraged to contact a representative at their convenience.