Can It Be Engraved?

can it be engraved

Some materials that can be engraved

Engraving is the art of carving a graphic design on a hard surface. The aim of this art is to produce an attractive item. The carved design can be either an image or text. To carve this design, a number of methods are used to give a pretty finished result. These methods include hand engraving, laser engraving (automatic) and machine engraving. The method to employ depends mostly on the type of material you want to engrave. This article lists three materials that can be used in engraving.

  1. Metal items

Metal is one of the best material used in engraving. Most of the used metals include brass, copper, silver, gold, and steel among others. Carving of the desired images can be done on your metallic items such as jewelry, metal weapons, and metal dishes. If you have a metallic item that you would like to be engraved, then Able Engraving will do it for you. Engraving metal has the advantage of engraving from large images to small that cannot be visible to the naked eyes. However, hard metals do not allow for deep engraving compared to the soft metals. When shallow engraving has low visibility. But this does not mean that your metallic items especially those made of hard metals such as stainless steel cannot give a decorative piece of art. After engraving such metals, some color is added in order to enhance contrast.

  1. Wood items

Engraving art designs on wood give an appealing decorative item. Wood engraving has been in existence for quite a long period of time. Wood is cheap to get and it is also durable since it is not affected by rust and some weather conditions. The list of wooden engraved products is endless. It can be gifts, address plaques, wooden watches, and wooden mugs among others. Wood is highly affected by humidity and with time, it loses the original attractiveness. To avoid this, a protective coating is added on top after engraving the desired image. Different trees will give varied results. Depending on the image you want engraves, you can go for the grainy or non-grainy wood. Grainy wood does not produce a good contrast and therefore it cannot be advised on text engraving.

  1. Plastic items

Plastic is another good material that can be used in engraving. Plastic items that can be engraved are also a handful. They range from name tags, key tags, ID badges, and nameplates among many more. Plastic engraved products are long-lasting and they will withstand harsh weather conditions. Some soft are etched into rather than being engraved. Plastic has also some advantage of being reverse engraves to give a 3D finish. This is possible when using clear hard plastic and it is mostly used in awards. If you are looking for plastic engraved products, then Able Engraving is your solution.

Engraving has taken over the printing industry due to its ability to give decorative finished work of art. It can be done on almost any item as result of the new technology being used.