Computer Aided Engraving

From Data Entry to Etching

There seems to be a revolution in the world of CAD/CAM processes these days. One example is 3D printing, where a set of coded instructions allows you to create anything from plastic tape. Another example is computerised engraving using CNC [Computer Numerical Control]. CNC has been with us for quite a while with PLC [Programmable Logic Controller] automated milling machines.

Today, computers can take the strain. Though they have done for well over 30 years, today’s systems are more user-friendly, accessible, and smaller. If you go to your local shopping centre, you might see a While-u-Wait engraving machine in the lobby. The stallholder uses computer aided engraving to engrave, for example, dog tags and trophies, then sells each dog tag for a fiver or so (or whatever the going rate may be).

We at Able Engraving and Design offer a similar service, though we turn our hand to more complex operations. Not only dog tags but also information boards and ceremonial plaques. Our Computer Aided Engraving machines support a wealth of typefaces from Arial to Zapf Dingbats and create complex engravings. Here’s a demonstration of computer aided engraving in progress:

Not only that, our computer aided engraving services is a reflection of our experience. Our signage include:

  • Nameplates and signs;
  • Commemorative plaques;
  • Memorial plaques;
  • Instrument panels;
  • Bottle templates;
  • Rating plates and labels;
  • Traffolyte labels.

We are situated near Gatwick Airport and East Grinstead, just off the A22 (Eastbourne Road). Our company works with a number of public and private sector concerns. Approaching our thirtieth year of business, we have moved from strength to strength by keeping up with the latest developments in engraving technologies. Our embracement of computer aided engraving is one example.

For further information, why not give us a call on 01342 843211. Alternatively, you could send us an email to

Able Engraving, 07 October 2015.