Engraving Ideas for Switch Plates

Switch plates are coverings for light outlets. They house the wires keeping them from beings exposed. With today’s homes having numerous switches on the walls, it is necessary to have labels for the switches to prevent mistakes that could damage devices.

engraved switch plates Engraving is an excellent way to label your switches. They can be custom-made to fit the overall d├ęcor of a room and improve consistency. Here are some engraving ideas for switch plates.

Name of Appliance the Switch Controls

Our homes incorporate many electrical appliances controlled from various switches. It is common to find switch plates with more than four switches in grouped. Custom engraved switch plates help you and your family remember which switch operates which device. You can engrave the name of electronic appliance the switch controls, for example, computer or television or lamp.

The Function of the Switch

Sometime back we used to have single lighting for each room. Therefore, it was easy to find the light switch. Nowadays we have accent lighting, task lighting, and recessed lighting in one place. Even bathrooms have shower lights, overhead lights, and fans. Apart from interior lights, there are several outdoor lights. The switches can be confusing to guests and children. Engraving the function of each switch on the switch plates makes your house user-friendly (Covisus). Outdoor light switches can be engraved with a word like outdoor or patio. Indoor switch plates can have words like a night light, desk lamp, and entry lights. Even the doorbell switch should be engraved to make it easier to find.

On/Off Switch Labels

In an office, hotels, or large buildings many users are operating switches. If there are no labels to indicate what switch does what, they may end up switching off devices or lights in use. Engraved switch plates reduce guesswork. On/off switch labels at the top and bottom of the plates informs a user whether a switch is on or off.

Why You Should Hire Able Engraving and Design Ltd for Custom Engraved Switch Plates

Able Engraving and Design understand the benefits of accurately labelling your switches. Therefore, they will ensure that switch plates get durable and legible labelling. Whether you need your home switch plates engraved or a large building, the engravers will get the job done. They are experts in engraving switch plates made from various materials. Whether it is metal or plastic, you can trust them to deliver.

Switch plates can make your life difficult if not labelled. A simple text or image illustrating the function would be helpful. For affordable engraving services hire Able Engraving and Design Ltd.