Engraving Mistakes To Avoid

engraving mistakesWhen it comes to engraving, perfection is key. Amateurs and professionals alike should know how to use the equipment effectively to get quality output from the process. It takes time to master the art and produce perfect work. However, most of the mistakes that lead to less than perfect work can be avoided by knowing them beforehand.


Burns on the Fabric

Different fabric materials have varying temperatures that they can withstand. If you are working with sturdy ones like canvas or leather, you can work with extreme heat without the risk of burning the fabric. However, if working with other fabrics, you have to determine the temperatures they can withstand to ensure success. If heat resistance is low, go for high speed, low power engraving to accomplish your project.

Inconsistencies When Engraving Glass

When the light hits a glass surface during laser engraving, it may cause it to fracture but not go deep enough or remove all the material on its way. This material gives the glass a frosted look. You can also find that the glass is chipping or has rough surfaces.

You can deal with the problem by using a lower resolution of the image you are putting on the glass. This allows the laser head to separate the dots. You can also look at ways of dissipating the heat to avoid chipping such as applying a thin sheet of wet newspaper or liquid dish powder on the area.

You Will Get Different Results on Wood Even When Using the Same Setting

Wood is one of the most popular engraving materials because you can cut through it with ease. This material also produces perfect engraved designs. However, varying types of wood produce different engraving results. Dense wood types such as oak require more laser power for a perfect cut while lighter ones like maple and cherry deliver a good contrast event at low power.

The grain density of the piece of wood you are working also determines the quality of the results. Small veined wood types such as walnut and cherry give a smooth and uniform appearance when shapes are engraved on them. However, medium and large veined wood types produce a non-uniform appearance and geometrical objects may vary in height.

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