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Rare Coin By English Engraver to Be Sold

Fit For a King. Rare Coin By English Engraver to Be Sold

rare engraved coin

Rare coin engraved for King Charles II (Image courtesy of Daily Mail)

Numismatists around the world have been excited by the news that an incredibly rare petition crown is to go on sale in New York for an estimated £400,000. The sought after coin comes on the market once in a blue moon and always generates lots of interest, a sale in 2007 made £207,100, then a record for a British silver coin. Considered to be one of the finest examples of coin engraving in British history, the petition crown has a heritage and rarity that would make it the prize in any collection. Continue reading

2p coin comparison

Could Your 2p Coin Be Worth £100?

How a 1983 two pence coin went for a pretty penny over the last three month

In one of our previous posts, we looked at how a Jane Austen £5 note went for an astonishing £50,000. Today, Able Engraving and Design have learned of another cash windfall. This time, we recommend checking the sides and backs of your sofa for coppers. A 1983 2p coin went for a substantial amount.

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