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Famous Engravings Past and Present

Famous EngravingsFor as long as humans have been using tools, there is evidence of engraving whether as a method of recording and communication or simply for decoration. In the 1890s, Eugene Dubois made an astonishing discovery on the banks of the Solo River, Java, Indonesia, excavating a site which was littered with the bones of early humans, animal remains and shells. The bones belonged to our ancestor, homo erectus, and were dated to between 700,000 and 1 million years ago. Dubois also collected a number of the shells which carved the way for a more recent, surprising discovery.
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How was Engraving Believed to Have Originated

How Engraving Originated

Ancient Sumerian cuneiform writing engraved in a stone

The art of engraving has been in existence since civilization began. In ancient times, people engaged in the art of engraving to honour gods and their rulers. The existence of stone carvings in the Serengeti show that the art had been in existence for nearly 500,000 years.

There is also the existence of the famous statuette of fertility in Austria (The Venus of Willendorf), and carved gemstones referred to as cameos which have been discovered in Rome and Egypt.

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How Engraving Works

laser engraving machine

Laser Engraving Machine in action

Everybody enjoys engraved products. Most of the printing we see on promotional products is done through laser beams. This is what is commonly referred to as laser engraving. Lasers aren’t applied in the printing industry only. Almost every aspect of our daily lives utilises lasers in one way or another. From the manufacturing sector to the retail and even the medical industries, lasers are all over planet earth.
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The History of Engraving

Engraving: A brief History

Engraving Machine

For mankind, the practice of engraving has been an essential part of human communication since at the Palaeolithic era. The earliest form of human engravings dates back to 60,000 BP where the emerging civilizations engraved etchings on the walls of caves and bone or ivory fragments. Larger Petroglyphs engraved on ancient rocks still remain to this date.

More advanced engraving developed over time and by the reign of the Egyptian and Greek empires engraving as a form of documentation and communication had developed. Again, to this date documentation from ancient Egyptians remain in museums around the world, leaving an engraved insight into an ancient world.

In addition to being a form of communication and documentation, engraving was used to reproduce printed artwork, documentation and in printing. Engraving has been used to create printing templates out of metal to reproduce newspapers, books, currency and art. To this day, engravings are used to produce unique moulds to create intricate currency the world over.

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Hand Engraving

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Machine Engraving

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