What Tools Are Used For Metal Engraving?

What Tools Are Used For Metal Engraving

There is no doubt that engravers are some of the most talented artisans on the planet. Not only will they require an unfettered eye for detail, but an extensive amount of training is required before they are considered masters of their field. However, this talent would prove to be of little value if the correct tools were not at their disposal. What instruments are associated with metal engraving? Let’s take a quick look at some of the “tools of the trade” in order to better understand this unique art form.

Common Engraving Tools

One of the challenges associated with engraving any type of metal is the issue of hardness. As a rule of thumb, the tool in question must naturally be more durable than the substrate being carved. This is why many modern devices are fashioned from hardened metals such as carbide steel.

It can be argued that the most common instrument is known as a graver. Gravers are long, thin tools that exhibit a round or rectangular shape. The artisan will press the tool against the metal surface in order to etch a specific pattern. Other variants include bezels and oval configurations. In fact, it is likely that the artisan will possess a number of gravers within his or her inventory. Each design is used to carve a different finish.

Graver handles are interchangeable pieces which can be mounted onto a graver. These provide the user with more control and precision. They also prevent issues such as hand fatigue when working on larger projects. Traditional handles are made of wood although lightweight composite materials are becoming increasingly common.

CNC engraving is another popular choice. While the “tool” itself is actually an entire machine, the levels of precision and efficiency which are able to be achieved are amazing. These units can perform other tasks such as shaping and milling; sometimes important when creating a one-off item for a client. CNC machines can also be used if a series of identical products needs to be produced (such as memorial plaque engraving).

While engraving tools have taken on a 21st-century flavour, there is no doubt that they are only effective if placed in the hands of a master craftsman. This is why nothing less than the best will do if you hope to obtain superior results. If you would like to learn about the services offered by Able Engraving & Design, feel free to contact us directly.