In Video: Traffolyte Engraving

A selection of Traffolyte engraving clips, detailing the process, and how Traffolyte signs are engraved

120V AC Warning Sign, created with Traffolyte engraving techniques

Just to recap, Traffolyte engraving is so-called after the birthplace of the method: Trafford Park Industrial Estate. The plastic was originally derived from phenolic plastic sheets. There are standard colours with, for example, a Traffolyte sign being made of a top and bottom red layer. Like a liquorice allsort or a strawberry split ice lolly, it has a ‘bit in the middle’. For arguments sake, this may be white. Text is die cut onto the top and bottom layers of the ‘sandwich’.

In a nutshell, here’s how Traffolyte engraving works. For now, we shall let the videos do the talking.

1. MINI 3040 CNC router machine engraving ABS,double colour sheet ,Traffolyte label

For our first clip, we look at how a PCB benefits from Traffolyte engraving. With a CNC router, painstaking detail is possible.

2. Traffolyte engraving

In our second clip, Hari Kumar’s video shows us how laser engraving techniques work with Traffolyte.

3. Traffolyte label laser engraving FENNEC

Clip number three shows us how FENNEC’s tag is engraved.

4. Introduction to Traffolyte

For anyone unfamiliar with Traffolyte’s origins, Jack Tickner’s video is required viewing. In a plain English style, he covers how the process works with a quick demonstration. As this video is not very loud, you might need to turn the volume up.

Able Engraving and Design, 19 May 2017.