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Engraving On Memorial Plaques

Commemorate and Remember with High-Quality Memorial Plaques

Memorial plaques are a special way of honouring and remembering loved ones, family members and even special events. As unique and personal gestures, they offer a tangible commemoration of the deceased that will be preserved in history and through many generations.



At Able Engraving, there are a host of memorial plaque engraving options which will help in your remembrance, with many styles and formats to choose from.

Honouring a Deceased Loved One

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Commonly Asked Engraving Questions

Engraving servicesWhat items can be engraved?

A wide range of products can be engraved to personalise them. Objects such as tankards, jewellery and plaques are what usually come to mind, but items such as laptops, iPads, tools and even guns can be engraved with text, patterns and symbols. Using engraving is a wonderful way to make something unique to you or your company, and it can be applied to a huge number of items. Here are our top eight frequently asked questions about engraving services:  Continue reading

How Is Engraving Done On Metal

Engraving MetalHand engraving is a process where a hardened and sharpened steel object, also known as a graver gets pushed through the surface of a metal. To engrave, you have to get the best graver that can easily fit in your hand. It should also use air to drive the point. Although gravers come in different shaped tips, the square V cut point is the most desirable option. Continue reading

Materials Which Can Be Laser Engraved

Engraving MaterialsLaser engraving is the procedure for getting rid of a part of a material leaving an engraved mark that is visible. Many people think that laser engraving materials are just limited. People also think that many household and other items cannot be engraved according to the specifications of our customers. However, with the improvement in technology, here at Able engraving & design, we engrave many materials according to what a customer may like. Continue reading