The Advantages of Using Engraved Traffolyte Labels

Traffolyte Signs & Engraved Products

Traffolyte is a multi-layered phenolic plastic sheet that is suitable for engraving. All the layers are different colours so that the engraved shapes or letters will be a different colour from the portions that are not engraved. Here are some advantages of using engraved traffolyte tags:

Promote Work Safety

In certain industrial settings, traffolyte is the ideal alternative to metal labels. Plastic does not transmit electrical charge as easily as metal. If emergency responders or employees have to access manufacturing environments that contain machinery and high voltage cables, traffolyte provides a useful surface for carrying descriptive information and important warnings. Using traffolyte helps prevent anyone in the vicinity from inadvertently coming into contact with an electrical energy potential large enough to cause damage or injury.

Retains Engraved Messages

Another distinct traffolyte advantage relates to the capability of the rigid plastic retaining engraved messages. Typically, labels that are composed of this material cannot bend or crumple easily. For instance, if your company is using high voltage wires around items of industrial equipment, it’s recommended to attach traffolyte tags to these wires to warn first responders about a potential hazard. This label will prevent a first responder or a repair technician from casually grabbing the wire without first turning off the electricity. When using traffolyte to display engraved messages, you are assured that the label is going to remain visible plus easily read by people for a long period.

Available in Variety of Backgrounds and Text Colours

Traffolyte retains colours well, hence you can use the engraved coloured Traffolyte tags when you want to attract attention and reduce the possibility of accidents. For example, if you want to distinguish high voltage wires on the property of your company, you will have to use an eye-catching label. The common traffolyte tags include yellow, black, white and vivid red, all of which stand out clearly.

Cost-Effective and Durable

Traffolyte is very cost-effective because the sheets are inexpensive, plus you can print many signs and labels from one sheet. They are also durable and don’t need maintenance. Moreover, the material is resistant to many solvents, chemicals and acids. You can disinfect or clean them using hot water, and there won’t be any damage. That justifies the small cost that is involved in buying this high-quality traffolyte tags.


Engraved traffolyte tags have an attractive finish and that is why people use them as a decorative material. Also, the material is flexible and you can get personalised designs for your exclusive use. For instance, you can choose to have holes or adhesives on the traffolyte tags to fix them on things such as doors or to attach the labels on other surfaces. You can engrave attractive images on the traffolyte tags, and they are lightweight and available in multiple thicknesses.

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