A Look at Famous Engraved Plaques

engraved plaquesPlaques have long been used throughout history in memorialising and commemorating historical moments in time as well as extraordinary people. The following are some of the famous engraved plaques:

St Patrick’s Cathedral Plaque

Located in Dublin, Ireland, St. Patrick’s Cathedral (also called The National Cathedral) is the tallest church (but not Cathedral) in Ireland as well as the largest. Also, it is the burial site of Jonathan Swift, the acclaimed writer who was St Patrick’s Cathedral Dean from 1717 to 1745. Jonathan used his writing as a means of crying out against all the impositions and injustices that the Irish people suffered. His writing and life are being commemorated through a burial plaque that presents an epithet Swift that he wrote himself before his death.

London’s Blue Plaques

Striking, circular, blue plaques are placed outside many buildings of historical importance all throughout London on behalf of English Heritage, The Greater London Council, the London County Council and the London-based Royal Society of Arts. The purpose of the plaques is linking the past significant figures to architecture that’s relevant today. People use plaques to signify; for instance, the home where Wolfgang composed his first ever symphony and the home of Alfred Hitchcock.

Hollywood Walk of Fame

It consists of over 2,600 5-pointed terrazzo and also brass stars that are embedded in the sidewalks along a 3-block span of Vine Street in the neighbourhood called Hollywood, in Los Angeles, California and fifteen blocks of Hollywood Boulevard. The stars bear the names of influential people from the entertainment industry, which includes fictional characters, musical and theatrical groups, producers, musicians, actors, directors and others. It’s a popular tourist attraction and millions of people visit the site to take photos next to their favourite celebrity plaque.

9/11 Memorial Plaque

Located in NYC (New York City), the 9/11 Memorial is where the large complex of seven buildings, World Trade Center, used to stand. It’s tragically called “ground zero” after being hit on 11 September 2001 by a massive terrorist attack. A memorial was built as a proclamation of triumph and hope plus a commemoration of the people who died in the attack. The 16-acre site, which is complete with parks and waterfalls, is famous for the bronze plaques that display the names of the victims who lost their lives in 1993 as well as 2001 attacks on the NYC-based Twin Towers.

Resolute Desk Plaque

The Presidential Desk or Resolute Desk is a large 19th-century, iconic, ship-wood desk that was built from the Arctic exploration ship Resolute remnants. It was originally a gift that Queen Victoria gave to Rutherford Birchard Hayes in 1880. Jackie Kennedy brought it to the White House for John Fitzgerald Kennedy’s use. It’s still being used today by the current United States president, and it’s adorned with a plaque that details the HMS Resolute history plus an expression of appreciation by Queen Victoria to the nineteenth President of the United States, Hayes.

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