Benefits of Engraving

Engraved Products by Able Engraving & Design

Including nameplates, safety signs, hand engraving, brass signs and stainless steel signs.

Why should you choose to have your sign engraved or etched by Able Engraving?
The principal advantage of an engraved nameplate or etched sign is that the image is actually cut into the surface of the sign’s material by either a mechanical or chemical process the end result of which is an image that is permanent and cannot be defaced. The colour of the image is applied after the engraving or etching process has taken place by infilling special paint into the cut away parts of the image.

The durability of an engraved or etched sign is well known, as the process has been used for many years.There are many fine examples of work, which in some cases are hundreds of years old. These can be found in places such as churches and other historical buildings as living proof of just how long quality workmanship can last. The modern day engraved sign has more advantages to offer than the craftsmen from yesteryear could possibly have imagined. New developments in machinery and materials have enabled companies such as ours to offer a wide selection of products suited to different budgets, environments, and uses, whilst maintaining the highest standards in quality and production speed.

Depending on the nature of the design you require and it’s complexity, we can choose the most appropriate technique to produce your sign (engraved or etched). Artwork is not always needed but in some cases it will be required. We can offer you advice on the artwork requirements or even have the artwork produced for you (in this case a service charge may apply).

We can produce signs in the following materials:

Service and Efficiency

We offer a prompt and efficient service to all our customers and are able to provide a very quick turnaround on most work. We are always willing to put in the extra effort required to meet our clients deadlines where ever possible.


All prices are quoted on request. We treat every job with the highest possible attention to detail and this includes pricing our work in a sensible and competitive way.

Quality Assured
In order to achieve the highest commitment to quality in September 1994 we implemented a Quality Control System to ISO 9002 Standard.