Memorial Plaque

Commemorative and Memorial Plaques

Commemorative plaques are used around the world to celebrate special occasions such as the opening of a new school, hospital (OrthopedicSurgerySanDiego) wing, community centre or education facility (see our web page for information about the engraved plaque manufactured by Able Engraving to commemorate a Royal Visit to East Surrey College in Redhill, Surrey).

Memorial plaques are used to remember a lost loved one, a tragedy (see our web page for information about Able Engravings work for the Mount Everest Memorial Trust) or a historical event of significant importance such as a famous battle or battlefield. Likewise buildings associated with a historical event or an important occupant are often marked with a memorial plaque and some town and city councils run special schemes for financing the provision of engraved plaques to identify buildings and locations of local historical or cultural importance, one example of which is the ‘Blue Plaque’ scheme in the city of London administered by the English Heritage organisation.

Custom Made Plaques For Whatever Your Needs

Both commemorative and memorial plaques can be manufactured from a range of materials suitable for a variety of budgets and aesthetic tastes. The most popular materials are anodised aluminium, polished brass, stainless steel, bronze and engraved laminate (commonly known as Traffolyte). To add a nice finishing touch to any engraved or etched plaque Able Engraving often supply beautiful wooden backboards typically made from sustainable oak or mahogany enhancing and complimenting the appearance of their work. Plaques for memorial trees can be supplied with a wooden backboard and stake allowing for easy fixing.

Commemorative plaques and memorial plaques can be engraved or etched depending on the nature of the design chosen and Able Engraving offer a wide range of beautiful typefaces guaranteed to provide for the personal tastes and requirements of all our clients. Designs can incorporate logos and crests from artwork supplied by clients themselves or Able Engraving can create and provide artwork as part of their service and are able to offer sound advice and recommendations based on their many years of experience in the engraving industry.

A very popular form of memorial and commemorative plaques are bench plaques. Bench plaques are small (usually engraved) plaques attached to the backrest of park or garden benches or benches located at places of personal significance to a family member such as a place of natural beauty, or along the route of a favourite walk. These plaques can serve as a comforting reminder of a special occasion (e.g. birthday or anniversary) or in memory of a special person no longer with us.