The Latest Engraving Techniques

Engraving has been around since the 15th century at least, and was originally carried out by hand. It was a pain staking, lengthy process and often took weeks to months. As with everything though, engraving has come forward in leaps and bounds, through the industrial revolution and now the computer and digital age. New technology and techniques have impacted on how engravers work and what engraving is used for these days.

Laser engraving is a popular technique used now, well known and appreciated for it’s accuracy and preciseness. With this method, a laser beam is used to craft a pattern or an image onto materials such as glass, metal or wood. The laser can either be hand held, or machine operated, depending the project and the final look desired. If it is a mass producing project, or a particularly large piece of work, a computer can be used to guide the laser. The computer can be programmed with the image or pattern required, and the computer can then direct the laser to repeat the pattern or picture as many times as is needed.

The intensity of the heat in the laser is determined by the material that will be engraved, but no matter what the intensity is, the laser engraving laser has to produce an immense amount of heat. This is why there is a greater chance of parts of the machine burning out then there would be for more basic machinery. There is a great selection of machine out there, but reliable firms spend more on equipment that is built to last, and provide the best quality and most consistent results.