Engravers in Sussex

Historically, engraving was used for replicating images; it was used by artists to reproduce pictures. It was used slightly later for reproducing books and magazines for distribution on a larger scale than was previously possible. It was carried out with tools called ‘burins’, and it was a lengthy and painstaking process that could take weeks or even months.

Over time engraving progressed, and was used for a wide range of purposes; engraving instruments, firearms, metal weapons, trophies and jewellery. Even more recently, it has become used for more industrial reasons, such as serial numbers. It is also used to print money to decrease fraud and counterfeiting. Tools have also moved forward with a significant amount being done by machines, and aided or managed by computers. Since the 1960?s diamonds have also been used for engraving to allow more info greater accuracy and detail to be achieved.

At Able Engraving we take the best from both traditional and more modern methodology and skills. Whilst we have all of the state of the art equipment for speed and convenience, we still use the skills used when engraving first began. We use whichever method is most appropriate for the job required; depending on the materials being used, the time scale and the volume of work that needs doing. As one of the premium engravers in Sussex, no job is too big or too small, whether you need one commemorative plaque or signage for every door of a massive office block. Prices are always competitive and reflect the quality of our work as well as our commitment to providing affordable products for individuals and businesses.