Materials Which Can Be Laser Engraved

Engraving MaterialsLaser engraving is the procedure for getting rid of a part of a material leaving an engraved mark that is visible. Many people think that laser engraving materials are just limited. People also think that many household and other items cannot be engraved according to the specifications of our customers. However, with the improvement in technology, here at Able engraving & design, we engrave many materials according to what a customer may like.

Laser engrave Wood and Plywood

Wood is one of the best materials that can be used for engraving a 3-D effect. We can also engrave a wide range of products arraying from simple signs to large detailed portraits. Any type of wood, as well as plywood, can be used in laser engraving. Engraving of plywood is basically just limited to veneer thickness. Cutting of thick plywood is also limited to factors such as the amount of glue that is used to make the plywood core. The results of engraving plywood are therefore quite unpredictable once you etch into the glue. Engraving solid lumber which is a huge heavy grain wood such as oak basically has a very interesting background. It allows very little details to show while light wood such as birch maple or alder shows even the small details.

Laser engrave textiles and leathers

People may think that textiles and leathers are very delicate materials to engrave. However, they can be engraved especially when you want to individualize them. It is worth noting that engraving leather and textiles should not damage them but change their look without having to compromise their outlook. Leathers, textiles and linens can, therefore, be a laser engraved to what the client may specify.

Glass laser engrave

Glass can be engraved or even sandblasted. However, when lasing it, only a very small amount of material can be removed so as to create a certain image. When laser etching glass, we produce an end result of high quality and class. Although it may leave a frosty mark on the surface, it is very smooth even while touching it.

Bricks and Stone laser engrave

Similar to glass, the stone can also be lasered but it only affects the area that is polished and also does not remove material. Engravings in stones work perfectly when translating images to either black marble or even granite that is fine grained. The laser can cut weighty silicon masks that are required to hold up against the high pressure that is used while cementing carvers or carving stones. Our laser beams that are high powered can turn the porous clay material of stones and bricks into the hard glass. This results in a marking that is permanent and very attractive.

Acrylic and metals laser engrave

Acrylic whether transparent or opaque can also be engraved to produce the desired results. Our Lasers can handle cutting acrylics of any thickness. They can be engraved to produce laser cut edges that are crystal clear intricate with contours. The engraving of acrylic results in white contrast against the clear material. It can also be done very easily. Many metals can also be engraved especially using a marking compound. However, others such as brass, aluminium, and chrome can be engraved without a marker.