What Should You Engrave?

Our company specialises in engraving customised messages onto various items. We often get enquiries daily asking how to write certain messages or what to engrave.

What to engrave

– What Can We Engrave?

Basically, if you are able to type keep the engraving message short & concise, we can definitely engrave it. We can engrave Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Urdu, Hindu, Sanskrit, Arabic plus any language you want; we also engrave symbols. For our system to accept symbols, they have to be in the UTF-8 format.

– What Looks Best?

Ensure the colour to be engraved matches the trim

– Conventions

People always ask about this. There are 3 main things you should keep an eye on:

Dates – When writing the date in full, make sure you the first letter of the month is always capitalised. For instance, 3rd March 2018 or 3 March 2018. We recommend that you abbreviate all the numbers to make the date shorter and use less of the character limit. This is written as day, month, year in English.

Initial – The correct way of writing initials in English is with the full stop followed by a space after every letter. For instance, G. T. C. or G. T. However, we believe this can end up looking longer on a pen, thus we suggest using a full stop only after each letter; for example, G.T. C or G.T. C.

Capitalisation – When it comes to capitalisation, consistency is key. For instance, David Taylor -Able – London, not david taylor able – LONDON. We recommend that you stick to capitalisation of each first letter for places, names and things, but don’t capitalise everything. WE FEEL THAT THIS WILL END UP LOOKING CLUMSY.

– Try Keeping the Message Short and Enticing

Messages look great when they are kept to a minimum, and longer messages can end up crowding the text area and appear a little tacky. Typically, keeping short and enticing is the best way for all items. In case you have a long message, it may not be fully read or seen and end up spoiling the final effect.

Able Engraving & Design has more than three decades in this industry. We provide a countrywide service and can undertake any work in three-ply laminate (Traffolyte), engraved aluminium, acrylic, bronze signs, brass engraving, stainless steel plus almost any other material that can be engraved. Together with our owner, our company has employed 3 highly skilled engravers who have a combined experience of more than seven decades.