Sign Etching vs Engraved Signs

Are Engraved Signs Better Than Etched Signs?

Signs have become an integral part of our lives. Whether you need signs in your business or a home, you would like to have signs that stand out. When you want to make signs, and you may be faced by a dilemma choosing between etching or engraving the signs.

Etched sign

The good thing about etching and engraving is that both are impeccable marking methods and that they create permanent markings that are tough to damage or disfigure. With these methods, you can be able to follow complex and detailed designs. This is why these methods are good marking choice in many applications.

When you are creating signs, you have to decide which marking technique is most suitable for what you need. Some factors can determine the method you choose, and these include what purpose are the signs to be used for among other important things that you may decide to consider. Have a look at some of the important factors you need to consider when choosing between etching and engraving:

Some Signs Have To Be ADA Compliant

If you want signs that can be used for ADA signs, it would be a brilliant idea for you to choose engraving rather than etching. If the signs are meant to have braille translations, then the best option is to choose engraving as your preferred marking method. Etching creates highly complex and comprehensive designs, but it can be challenging to develop the required braille translations with your signs using this technique. This is because of the need for the translations to be of a specific size, dome, and height. Engraving will allow for these specifications to be adhered to.

Are These Signs For Ornamental Purposes?

If the signs act as decorative objects and do not require any ADA features, you can opt to choose etching as your marking technique. This method allows you to incorporate intricate details to your signs and can help to enhance the attractiveness of the sign as you want it to be. The etching technique also allows you to decide which font you want and the design you prefer for your signs.

The Materials Used To Make the Signs

If you want to use materials such as plastic or wood for your signs, the most suitable marking method for your signs should be engraving. Etching is not a proper marking technique for such materials. Etching may be used only on glass or on metal in some cases. If your signs are not metallic or made of glass, then you should choose to engrave for better results. If you do not want to try sign etching, you can go for engraving even if the material is made out of metal or glass. This is because engraving can be applied to all kinds of signage materials.