Engraving On Memorial Plaques

Commemorate and Remember with High-Quality Memorial Plaques

Memorial plaques are a special way of honouring and remembering loved ones, family members and even special events. As unique and personal gestures, they offer a tangible commemoration of the deceased that will be preserved in history and through many generations.



At Able Engraving, there are a host of memorial plaque engraving options which will help in your remembrance, with many styles and formats to choose from.

Honouring a Deceased Loved One

Most requests for memorial plaques are made in respect of deceased friends and family members because they not only provide an important place to celebrate the deceased in name and time, but also a specific place for personalised remembrance through printed quotes, poems and eulogies that can be recalled through younger generations.

Commonly engraved with a name and date, plaques can be embellished with anything from symbols through ornamental text and quotations. Less popular but by no means unheard of, pet plaques are the perfect way to treasure a prized furry family member that can be placed in the garden or indoors.

Remembering an Event or Occasion

Memorial plaques are ideally placed to remember events — historic, recent or tragic — as prime spots for commemoration and wreath laying. Although commonly utilised to pinpoint a historical landmark for people to visit, event and occasion plaques can also be used for dedications to people and organisations that made a project possible (The Blue Tree Clinic).

As such, plaques are versatile and adaptable, covering large national or regional commemorations as well as private and personal ones. Some of these more small and private commemorative plaques include those remembering wedding dates, first kisses, achievements and so on.

Sizing and Style

Plaques can come in a variety of sizes, shapes, colours and materials, be it brass, stainless steel and traffolyte. In being so adaptable, plaques can suit many occasions, reflecting the personal tastes or significance of those being remembered, and being attached to many different landmarks such as benches, walls and trees. As such, it is very important to think through this choice of materials and the visual aesthetic thoroughly before committing to a plaque.
Experts like those at Able Engraving are able to help each client choose what is best for them, looking at the statement intended and both the durability and care required for upkeep. As such, you have the choice to remember through traditional typography or more ornamental calligraphic styles.