Trafford Park: the birthplace of Traffolyte.

Traffolyte Engraving: The Infographic

A visual look at Traffolyte engraving, in an easier to digest format

On numerous occasions, we have looked at the wonders of Traffolyte engraving. We have looked at it in written form, but previous accounts haven’t been quite as easy to read over a quick coffee. Or on a ten minute train journey.

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Cubiio: The Compact Laser Engraver

Could future laser engravers, like Cubiio, be the size of a cigarette packet or smaller?

Cubiio post laser engraver image by Andrey Armyagov (via Shutterstock).

Imagine having this much power with a laser engraver the size of a matchbox or a cigarette packet? Cubiio could be a pocket rocket in years to come. Image by Andrey Armyagov (via Shutterstock).

Picture the scene, five years from now. We at Able Engraving and Design have a stall on the South of England Agricultural Show. We use the stall to show off our engraving talents. At this moment, the carriage of a laser engraving machine is a pretty bulky affair. In 2022, they could be big enough to place in our pockets. Mulherz, a Taiwanese company, is making this possible. Subject to a successful Kickstarter campaign, their Cubiio laser engraver could miniaturise engraving machines.

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Why Go For Bespoke Engraving?

Why you should choose Able Engraving and Design for bespoke projects

Bespoke engraving image by Pressmaster (via Shutterstock).

Everything done your way: we at Able Engraving and Design can turn our hand to bespoke projects with ease. Image by Pressmaster (via Shutterstock).

For over three decades, Able Engraving and Design have offered bespoke engraving services for customers in the South East of England, and further afield. Our company was formed in July 1986 by Mr. A. Douglas. Back then, Wham!’s swansong The Edge of Heaven topped the UK singles chart. This was the year of Diego Maradona’s Hand of God against England, in the World Cup Finals. On the telly, we watched Duty Free, Howard’s Way, and Surprise Surprise!.

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The Art of Wood Engraving

A look at how traditional wood engraving techniques are performed

The Long Man of Wilmingham, a wood engraving by Eric Ravilious (1925).

The Long Man of Wilmingham: a fine example of wood engraving by Eric Ravilious (1925).

For wood engraving, Able Engraving and Design are more likely to use laser beams instead of manual engraving tools. Though too slow to meet the turnaround times by today’s clientele, the old fashioned way has an irresistible charm. A charm which gives us a finished product that is timeless.

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New £10 Note Design Revealed

Able Engraving and Design eagerly awaits the new look £10 note, due for public release in September 2017

Jane Austen (coloured version), now on the new £10 note.

Jane Austen: famous author and the face of our new £10 notes.

Have you got used to the new fivers yet? We seem to have got over the plasticky feel, or the craze of selling some specimens on eBay due to some inconsistencies. From September 2017, this will be joined by a new wave of similarly plasticky £10 notes. The new £10 note design was revealed in a press conference on the 18 July at Winchester Cathedral, by the Bank of England’s Chief Governor, Mark Carney.

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Laser Etched KFC Phone, Anyone?

Why 5,000 Huawei smartphones will be available in red, with a laser etched Colonel Sanders on the rear

Laser Etched KFC image by Tupungato (via Shutterstock).

Today’s smartphones use NFC to find your nearest KFC, but Huawei’s limited edition handset will enable you to do just that. In red. With Colonel Sanders on the back. Image by Tupungato (via Shutterstock).

If you like your chicken Kentucky style, there is nothing better than a night in with a Bargain Bucket or a Family Feast. With your favourite television programme or film. Today, we have learned about the latest must-have item for fans of KFC. You can now get a smartphone with a laser etched Colonel Sanders on the rear.

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The Rise of Laser Engraving

Why is laser engraving rising in popularity?

Rise of laser engraving image by Andrey Armyagov (via Shutterstock).

Sparks will fly: laser engraving is more the norm instead of the exception. Image by Andrey Armyagov (via Shutterstock).

Laser engraving: we at Able Engraving and Design swear by this method. For many materials and applications, it has moved from a flight of fancy to a necessity. How? Firstly, the affordability of personal computers. This, and any interface with a laser etching machine, allows for a greater variety of designs. Here’s our look at why laser engraved plaques and other objects have risen in popularity. Continue reading

New Coins for Russia 2018 World Cup

Commemorative coins launched for next year’s World Cup in Russia

The inspiration behind four commemorative coins: 2018 World Cup image by Alexeyart (via Shutterstock).

Less than 50 weeks to go till the 2018 World Cup Finals in Russia. Image by Alexeyart (via Shutterstock).

Firstly, here’s two footballing dates for your diary: the 12 August 2017, and the 14 June 2018. The first date is the start of the Barclays Premier League, whereas the second date is the start of the World Cup Finals. Next year’s World Cup Finals will be taking place in Russia, and the Central Bank of Russia has launched a set of commemorative coins.

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In Video: Stainless Steel Engraving Clips

A selection of carefully curated selection of stainless steel engraving clips using several engraving methods

Stainless steel engraving image by Seeshooteatrepeat (via Shutterstock).

Stainless steel engraving with water pressure cutting methods. Image by Seeshooteatrepeat (via Shutterstock).

A stainless steel engraving using any method looks effective, whether by laser beam, die cutting or water pressure. Whether a family photograph or a corporate logo, the results are pleasing to the eye. A stainless steel plaque has an air of permanence and security. With the handiwork of Able Engraving and Design, something to treasure.

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Third Gerald Valck Map Found

One of three engraved maps by Gerald Valck found beneath the chimney of Drumnahoy House

Gerald Valck map from the Boston Public Library collection.

One of three surviving maps by Gerald Valck, from the Boston Public Library collection.

You may remember the final episode of the three-part Only Fools and Horses 1996 Christmas Special entitled Time on our Hands. After several episodes of Del and Rodney saying “this time next year, we’ll be millionaires”, the brothers find they’ve been holding onto a fortune for fifteen years. That of a rare J. Harrison pocket watch. A real life equivalent of this was found early this week: one of three engraved maps by Gerald Valck.

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