New Coins for Russia 2018 World Cup

Commemorative coins launched for next year’s World Cup in Russia

The inspiration behind four commemorative coins: 2018 World Cup image by Alexeyart (via Shutterstock).

Less than 50 weeks to go till the 2018 World Cup Finals in Russia. Image by Alexeyart (via Shutterstock).

Firstly, here’s two footballing dates for your diary: the 12 August 2017, and the 14 June 2018. The first date is the start of the Barclays Premier League, whereas the second date is the start of the World Cup Finals. Next year’s World Cup Finals will be taking place in Russia, and the Central Bank of Russia has launched a set of commemorative coins.

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In Video: Stainless Steel Engraving Clips

A selection of carefully curated selection of stainless steel engraving clips using several engraving methods

Stainless steel engraving image by Seeshooteatrepeat (via Shutterstock).

Stainless steel engraving with water pressure cutting methods. Image by Seeshooteatrepeat (via Shutterstock).

A stainless steel engraving using any method looks effective, whether by laser beam, die cutting or water pressure. Whether a family photograph or a corporate logo, the results are pleasing to the eye. A stainless steel plaque has an air of permanence and security. With the handiwork of Able Engraving and Design, something to treasure.

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Third Gerald Valck Map Found

One of three engraved maps by Gerald Valck found beneath the chimney of Drumnahoy House

Gerald Valck map from the Boston Public Library collection.

One of three surviving maps by Gerald Valck, from the Boston Public Library collection.

You may remember the final episode of the three-part Only Fools and Horses 1996 Christmas Special entitled Time on our Hands. After several episodes of Del and Rodney saying “this time next year, we’ll be millionaires”, the brothers find they’ve been holding onto a fortune for fifteen years. That of a rare J. Harrison pocket watch. A real life equivalent of this was found early this week: one of three engraved maps by Gerald Valck.

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Laser Etched Veg, Anyone?

How a Swedish supermarket chain is eschewing plastic film wrap in favour of laser etched fruit and vegetables

Laser etched coconuts image by Tim UR (via Shutterstock).

I’ve got a lovely bunch of laser etched coconuts… Could ICA’s experiment be a success and move on from where Marks and Spencer left off? Image by Tim UR (via Shutterstock).

The Cavendish banana, a Honeydew melon, and a Jaffa orange: you could say these fruit varieties come in their own packaging. It is their thick skin, which is why they can be bought loosely. Sometimes, your favourite supermarket chain insists on giving them extra packaging. Cardboard packaging is very much a necessity for many businesses who use postal and cardboard tubes to deliver their products in. In Sweden, the ICA supermarket chain have come up with another plan: laser etching. This is in cooperation with Dutch food supplier, Nature and More. Continue reading

Winton Memorial’s Spelling Error

Elementary spelling error noticed on plaque in memorial gardens dedicated to Sir Nicholas Winton

Sir Nicholas Winton image by Michal Kalasek (via Shutterstock).

The British Schindler: Sir Nicholas Winton, commemorated with his own memorial gardens in Oaken Grove Park, Furze Platt, Maidenhead. Image by Michal Kalasek, 2011 (via Shutterstock).

Before his death at the ripe old age of 106 in 2015, Sir Nicholas Winton was known as The British Schindler. Before the Second World War, he orchestrated the evacuation of 669 Jewish children from Czechoslovakia to London. Shortly after his death, his memory will be commemorated by a memorial gardens in Oaken Grove Park, Maidenhead. On the engraved plaque, there was a spelling error.

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Passport Printing Pays for De La Rue

Could Brexit factor be boosting De La Rue’s passport printing business?

Passport control image by 1000Words (via Shutterstock).

A Licence to Print Passports: authentication and identity related products have paid dividends for De La Rue. London Heathrow airport passport control image by 1000 Words (via Shutterstock).

Over the last year, the results of June 2016’s EU Membership referendum have made for an uncertain time for businesses. For some companies, Brexit hasn’t been about doom and gloom. De La Rue have had a pretty good 2016 – 17, especially in the field of passport printing.

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In Video: Traffolyte Engraving

A selection of Traffolyte engraving clips, detailing the process, and how Traffolyte signs are engraved

120V AC Warning Sign, created with Traffolyte engraving techniques

Just to recap, Traffolyte engraving is so-called after the birthplace of the method: Trafford Park Industrial Estate. The plastic was originally derived from phenolic plastic sheets. There are standard colours with, for example, a Traffolyte sign being made of a top and bottom red layer. Like a liquorice allsort or a strawberry split ice lolly, it has a ‘bit in the middle’. For arguments sake, this may be white. Text is die cut onto the top and bottom layers of the ‘sandwich’.

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Kodama’s 2-in-1 Laser Engraver

Forthcoming laser engraver will also have 3D printing functions – and be priced at $99

Laser Engraver image by Pressmaster via Shutterstock.

Soon, the laser engraver will also be within reach of many households and small business’ budgets. Image by Pressmaster via Shutterstock.

There is always something psychologically fulfilling about any gadget having a sub-£100 or sub-$100 price point. In 1980, Clive Sinclair’s ZX80 sold for £99.95 in assembled form and became the first sub-£100 home computer. The impact it had on the computer age was immediate, leading to a successful follow-up (the ZX81) and the even more successful Sinclair ZX Spectrum. This year, we could see the first sub-$100 laser engraver and a Kickstarter campaign has begun.

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Royal Mint’s Bad Penny Blues

Royal Mint production errors mar launch of Britain’s most secure coin

Royal Mint post Pound coin image by Linda Bestwick (via Shutterstock).

Britain’s most secure coin and, as we have learned this week – a Pound coin that has had major design flaws.  Image by Linda Bestwick (via Shutterstock).

In two days time, we shall be seeing the end of the old five pound note in favour of the waxy vegan-unfriendly ones. Apart from the slight controversy, the launch of our new fivers has been pretty smooth. Compare and contrast this with the implementation of the new pound coins by the Royal Mint. Lovely to look and similar to the pre-decimalisation threepenny bit, it is good to handle. Unless you have a warped coin, or one that has seen the inner part fall out.

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Etched Safety Sign

Anoprinted and Traffolyte Safety Signs

Why Able Engraving & Design should be your first source for anoprinted and Traffolyte safety signs

In a previous blog post of ours, we looked at Traffolyte and how Traffolyte signs are created. They are a popular form of engraving technique for electrical signs and are also used for safety signage. There is also another form of engraving which is popular: anoprinting. In other words, anoprinted signs.

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