Metal Engraving Ideas

meta engraving

Engraving is the art of incising a specific design on a flat hard surface by cutting furrows on it. The result of engraving is a decorated piece of decorative art on it. However, metal engraving is the procedure of cutting many lines on the surface of a metal plate or object. The cutting of these lines essentially forms an image, word or design. You can use both the hand and machine engraving method or the automated method for metal engraving. The way you choose entirely depends on the on the type of metal you want to engrave. Continue reading

Laser Engraving, Marking or Etching?

Laser Engraving MarkingDue to the need for clear and permanent identification solutions, laser use is becoming common. Methods such as laser engraving, laser marking, and laser etching are becoming popular by the day. The three identification options are effective since they provide peculiar and distinctive markings on various surfaces. The methods also comply with the identification regulations, thus making your product look unique. Deciding among the three requires an understanding of their differences and applications. Continue reading

The Best Type of Engraving that is Right for You

Types of EngravingChoosing the right engraving method for you mostly depends on the results that you want, and the material being engraved. There is a wide range of engraving methods that are suitable for different materials.

Able Engraving offers a variety of engraving services that best suits your needs. Our years of expertise, combined with our modern engraving techniques, will leave you satisfied with our services. This article will guide you on the best type of engraving offered by Able Engraving, that is right for you.

Hand Engraving

This is a traditional method used by combining the machine’s precision with craftsmen’s expertise. Usually, the engraver leads the machine along a drawn pattern. Using their eyes, they can control the depth on the surface by removing material to the required depth.

The results are deeper marks with exact depth tailored to suit personal needs. It is most ideal for printing sets, stamp marking, and dies. Hand engraving creates permanent and highly textured finishes, such as 2D and 3D shapes, that can be filled with paint.

At Able Engraving, our experts are fully equipped to apply hand engraving on items of different sizes to produce fantastic product finishes. Continue reading

The Top 5 Engraving Ideas You Should Consider This Christmas

Engraved Christmas GiftsGiving a gift on Christmas is a great thing. It’s important that your choice of gift should make the recipient feel special and appreciative of the present. You can personalise the gift by engraving your personal message on it. It’s important to have the right idea pertaining to the gift that you want to send. For example, engraved gifts for friends are different from those sent to families. The difference is in the message attached to the gift.

This Christmas is a time to make your loved ones feel special. It’s a time to celebrate the Birth of Christ through sharing. What better way to express love than to share a personalised message? Here are top 5 ideas to help you send the right engraved Christmas gift to the people who matter to you.

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CAFA Art Museum Engraving Exhibition

CAFA Museum

Central Academy of Fine Arts Museum

The International Exhibition for Wood Engravings

China has seen the opening of its largest exhibition of contemporary wood engraving prints. The doors opened on the 7th of November at the Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA) art museum in Beijing. The “International Grand Exhibition for Wood Engravings and Historical Archive” presents over 200 wood engraving prints, from more than 100 artists hailing from the United Kingdom, the United States, China, France, Russia and more.
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Famous Engravings Past and Present

Famous EngravingsFor as long as humans have been using tools, there is evidence of engraving whether as a method of recording and communication or simply for decoration. In the 1890s, Eugene Dubois made an astonishing discovery on the banks of the Solo River, Java, Indonesia, excavating a site which was littered with the bones of early humans, animal remains and shells. The bones belonged to our ancestor, homo erectus, and were dated to between 700,000 and 1 million years ago. Dubois also collected a number of the shells which carved the way for a more recent, surprising discovery.
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What Techniques are Used for Etching Stainless Steel

Etching Stainless SteelStainless steel is a versatile material that can be used for a number of applications from making cutlery to making parts of machines and so much more. You can personalise or brand things made from stainless steel by etching a symbol or a word that means something to you, a photo, a business logo or anything else. It takes a longer time to etch steel than other metal surfaces, and the etching must be done carefully to avoid damaging the surface. There are a number of techniques used for etching stainless steel. Below are some of the most common techniques in use today. Continue reading

How was Engraving Believed to Have Originated

How Engraving Originated

Ancient Sumerian cuneiform writing engraved in a stone

The art of engraving has been in existence since civilization began. In ancient times, people engaged in the art of engraving to honour gods and their rulers. The existence of stone carvings in the Serengeti show that the art had been in existence for nearly 500,000 years.

There is also the existence of the famous statuette of fertility in Austria (The Venus of Willendorf), and carved gemstones referred to as cameos which have been discovered in Rome and Egypt.

Cameos are especially famous in Rome, where they were mainly used in carvings to resemble the likeness of its famed leaders and rulers, such as Alexander the Great and Pliny the Elder. Continue reading

How Engraving Works

laser engraving machine

Laser Engraving Machine in action

Everybody enjoys engraved products. Most of the printing we see on promotional products is done through laser beams. This is what is commonly referred to as laser engraving. Lasers aren’t applied in the printing industry only. Almost every aspect of our daily lives utilises lasers in one way or another. From the manufacturing sector to the retail and even the medical industries, lasers are all over planet earth.
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