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What To Consider When Using an Engraving Company

Engraving Machine

Engraving is the process of making a mark or etching words or a design on to a surface. For example, you may be looking to engrave a memorial headstone, a glass window, a piece of wood or even a pet’s identity disc. There are many times in life, therefore, when you need to use the services of an engraver. This short article will help you to think about what you need to consider when choosing an engraving company for your needs. Choosing an engraver can be tricky if you do not fully understand the process of engraving.

Where to start your search for an engraver

When you first decided to find an engraver, the most obvious place to start your search is online. A quick google search for an engraver will bring up many results that you can have a look at. It is a good idea at this point to spend some time looking through several websites to see what each company does. Many will have some photographs with examples of their work which can be particularly useful. Pay attention to the different types of item that the engraver will work on. Not all engravers are able to engrave ever surface.

Choosing a local or mail order engraver

If you do start your search online for an engraver, it may be that you come across someone with the right skills and experience but they live a distance away. Many engravers will be happy to receive your item through the post providing it is of reasonable size and weight and a courier company is prepared to carry the item. This will enable you to have a much bigger choice of companies to engrave your item with perhaps better skills and experience of a local engraver. It may also be cheaper too and so you might be able to save yourself some money. Make sure that if you do decide to do this that you insure your item for what it is worth before it is sent to make sure that you are covered in the event that the item becomes lost or damaged.

Make sure that the engravers have the right skills

It is extremely important that whatever engraver you choose that they have the correct skills in order to engrave the surface that you want them too. Not all engravers can engrave all surfaces. It is a good idea to ask to see an example of their work before asking them to work for you. This will also help you to assess the quality of their work. Beware of websites that offer engraving on any surface, you must make sure that the engraver is experienced at working on the surface that you are supplying them with. Engraving is a highly skilled art to do it well. Make sure that before you hand over your precious item for engraving that you are giving it to the best person for the job.

Preparing Your Material for Engraving

Engraved material

Opting to have brass engraving carried out is a wonderful way to personalise your piece and keep memories forever. Getting an engraving is a simple and quick way to have something to cherish that reminds you of a person or a special time in your life. Whether it’s brass engraving or another material like bronze you are sending off to expert engravers, there are a couple of things you can do to prepare your material for engraving that will make sure you get the best result. Continue reading

Traffolyte Facia Panels and their Uses

Traffolyte Facts and Why It Is the Most Suitable Laminate for Control Panel Labels

traffolyte-fascia-panelsTraffolyte fascia panels are becoming a common sight in most control panels. But what exactly is unique about these panels? This post offers an in-depth answer to this question. It explains why Traffolyte has for years remained the most recommended material to be used in electrical control panels and labels. Continue reading

Rare Coin By English Engraver to Be Sold

Fit For a King. Rare Coin By English Engraver to Be Sold

rare engraved coin

Rare coin engraved for King Charles II (Image courtesy of Daily Mail)

Numismatists around the world have been excited by the news that an incredibly rare petition crown is to go on sale in New York for an estimated £400,000. The sought after coin comes on the market once in a blue moon and always generates lots of interest, a sale in 2007 made £207,100, then a record for a British silver coin. Considered to be one of the finest examples of coin engraving in British history, the petition crown has a heritage and rarity that would make it the prize in any collection. Continue reading

The Plaque Engraving Process

The Use of Plaques

A plaque is a magnificent way of marking a special occasion. Originally given as an award of recognition, the use of a plaque has now rapidly expanded, as has the design and the materials in which it can be made from. A plaque can be both informative and beautiful. Engraved plaques may be used to recognise an historic event, to mark a significant milestone or in memory of a special or important person. Whatever the intended use, the making and engraving process of the plaque remains the same, as outlined below.

plaque engraving

An example of plaque engraving (image via 4kclips, Shutterstock)

Plaque materials Continue reading

What is Traffolyte and How is it Made?

If you have ever used an identification tag or a label to identify a product, chances are you have used Traffolyte. Traffolyte is a sturdy type of plastic which is widely used to make tags and labels – and thanks to its superior properties, Traffolyte labels are in high demand.

traffolyte label

An identification tag which can be made using Traffolyte material

Continue reading

Metal Engraving Ideas

meta engraving

Engraving is the art of incising a specific design on a flat hard surface by cutting furrows on it. The result of engraving is a decorated piece of decorative art on it. However, metal engraving is the procedure of cutting many lines on the surface of a metal plate or object. The cutting of these lines essentially forms an image, word or design. You can use both the hand and machine engraving method or the automated method for metal engraving. The way you choose entirely depends on the on the type of metal you want to engrave. Continue reading

Laser Engraving, Marking or Etching?

Laser Engraving MarkingDue to the need for clear and permanent identification solutions, laser use is becoming common. Methods such as laser engraving, laser marking, and laser etching are becoming popular by the day. The three identification options are effective since they provide peculiar and distinctive markings on various surfaces. The methods also comply with the identification regulations, thus making your product look unique. Deciding among the three requires an understanding of their differences and applications. Continue reading

The Best Type of Engraving that is Right for You

Types of EngravingChoosing the right engraving method for you mostly depends on the results that you want, and the material being engraved. There is a wide range of engraving methods that are suitable for different materials.

Able Engraving offers a variety of engraving services that best suits your needs. Our years of expertise, combined with our modern engraving techniques, will leave you satisfied with our services. This article will guide you on the best type of engraving offered by Able Engraving, that is right for you.

Hand Engraving

This is a traditional method used by combining the machine’s precision with craftsmen’s expertise. Usually, the engraver leads the machine along a drawn pattern. Using their eyes, they can control the depth on the surface by removing material to the required depth.

The results are deeper marks with exact depth tailored to suit personal needs. It is most ideal for printing sets, stamp marking, and dies. Hand engraving creates permanent and highly textured finishes, such as 2D and 3D shapes, that can be filled with paint.

At Able Engraving, our experts are fully equipped to apply hand engraving on items of different sizes to produce fantastic product finishes. Continue reading